Clement Atlee Didn’t Receive a State Funeral

The decision to acknowledge Lady Thatcher, but not Clement Attlee, makes the Queen appear partisan and is out of kilter with the impartiality of the modern monarchy.

state funeral

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  1. Dan McCaughern

    Well, I think that it’s always been bloody evident that the Queen is a tory and she doesn’t give a flying fuck about the working class. Thatcher represents the very worst of Conservative ideas and therefore she is lauded by the Queen and the BBC. A travesty: are we a democracy? If so so is North Korea.


  2. In commom with most British citizens ( not subjects ),I have always been in unthinking agreement with our current monarch being an ‘ unbiased ‘ representative of our country. Coming from a unquestioning royalist family,I have always accepted the’status quo’ .However, in light of the decision of the Queen and her advisors to lead the funeral of the most divisive politician of my lifetime ( I am approaching 70 ),I have been forced to revise my opinion of the ‘ house of Windsor ‘.Having been made ‘redundant ‘ twice directly as a result of Thatcher’s policies,and after becoming disabled due to no fault of my own,and being sacked as a result with no redress due to Thatcher legislation which has condemned me to a life of pain with no ‘raison-d’etre’ apart from helping to raise money for charitable causes,using the talents which I possess,( unpaid ), I have learned to despise everyting Thatcher stood for in her infamous tenure of no. 10. Incidentally, whilst I was being exploited by being paid £1.per hour to work to 5.30AM for a temporary employer,after my first redundancy,,my dear mother was dying of cancer.


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